John Mark Shaw is an Executive Coach & Business Development Consultant with over 25 years of successful entrepreneurial, executive leadership and management experience. 

John helps enlightened entrepreneurs and visionary business leaders launch and grow their businesses by developing a vision for where they want to be and a strategic plan to get there.  John has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives and leaders create exponential growth in their businesses in a wide array of industries, and has been a successful entrepreneur and business leader himself, having co-founded and built a $30 million company from the ground up. He works with small and medium-sized businesses in a wide variety of industries, and specializes in the areas of strategic business development, leadership development, strategic branding and marketing, sales growth, guest experience/product development, cost reduction, startups, turnarounds, operational systems development, team building, cultural & organizational development and operating systems development. John has developed a proven, repeatable, reliable, Strategic Business Transformation Process that has yielded powerful results for leaders in a wide range of businesses.

John's current and recent clients include executive coaching and business development consulting for the CEO/Principal of: a hedge fund, a venture capital firm, three real estate brokerages, four tech/software companies, an accounting firm, five law firms, a luxury branding and digital marketing firm, a restaurant group, a craft brewery, a premium brand of men’s grooming products, a fashion magazine startup, a high end wedding cake baker, an engineering firm, a construction company.  John is also currently working as an executive coach to a newly promoted Vice President for a global digital media company. Additionally, John’s background in restaurants has led to several consulting projects including two new fast casual restaurant concept launches, and a successful restaurant group relaunch and rebranding where he focused on marketing, PR, guest experience improvement and sales growth and successfully turned year over year sales decline into 15%+ YOY growth.

Strategic Business Transformation Process - Vision, Strategy, Massive Action, Support & Accountability
John works with a Strategic Process honed over 25 years of experience in personal and business development.
Developing a Clear Vision for Where You Want to Be
Developing Clear Short, Medium & Long Term Smart Goals
Identifying the Internal & External Obstacles
Developing a Strategic Plan with a Strategy to Address Each Obstacle
Developing a Tactical Plan for Each Strategy and Executing the Plan with Massive Action
Creating a Consistent Cadence and Structure of Support & Accountability
Measuring Results and Refining Strategies and Tactics as Needed.

Strategic Business Growth & Development Services:
Executive Coaching
Visionary Leadership & Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurial, Leadership & Team Coaching
Executive Development Plan Execution
Business Development & Management Consulting
Strategic Business Plan Development & Execution

“The pinch point on the growth of any business is the psychology of the leader.” Tony Robbins

Areas of Focus:
Results-Focused, Vision-Driven, Entrepreneurship & Business Leadership
Vision Development & Company Startup
Branding & Marketing
Brand Development
Strategic Marketing Plan Development (Fully Integrated, Across all Media)
Capital Raising – Investor Relations, Development of Investor Presentation Decks
Restaurant Consulting
Organizational & Cultural Development
Sales Growth
Operational Systems Development
Guest Experience & Product Quality Improvement
Hospitality & Service
Strategic Process - Vision, Strategy, Massive Action, Support & Accountability
Intuitive Decision-Making

Vision & Strategy Business Development Seminars
Business Vision
Strategic & Tactical Plan
Core Values
Mission Statement

Public Speaking: Keynotes, Group Seminars, Classes & Group Coaching, Motivational Speaking

"Entrepreneurship is about being a visionary leader. I will help you develop a vision for where you want to be and a strategic plan to get there."