John is a Certified Life Coach from The Life Mastery Institute, an Ordained Interfaith Minister, and a Professional Speaker.  John’s mission is to empower people to design and live lives they love living. 

John has been studying personal development for over 25 years.  He teaches principles of successful living from thought leaders in the areas of science (quantum physics, biology, neuroscience), business, psychology, philosophy and spirituality.  As a sought-after coach and professional speaker, John offers inspiring workshops as well as transformational, in-depth coaching programs that help clients achieve new heights of success and fulfillment in their lives. John works with individuals to discover and design a vision for a life they would love and create a strategic personal development plan to achieve that vision.  The coaching process includes identifying the internal and external obstacles clients are facing, and addressing each obstacle head-on through transformative inner work, exploration and personal discovery grounded in massive-action outer work, all within a structure of support and accountability. 

My Dream Is To Help You Live Your Dream.

I believe every one of us deserves to live a life we truly love living. I believe our dreams are our birthright, that they hold the power of our joy, of the life we would love, and the vibrantly alive person we are born to be.  I believe we are not given a dream, an authentic dream, that we are not able to live out, if we are willing to do the inner and outer work required. I believe our dreams choose us, that they are the callings of our soul, and that our path to a deeply fulfilling life that we love living lies in having the courage to live the dreams that have chosen us.

Follow Your Inner Compass - What Is Your Inner Guidance Calling Forth In You?

When Abraham Maslow, the great psychologist famed for giving us the hierarchy of needs, sought to study what the most successful people had in common, he found that the singular quality they all possessed was that they always stayed connected to their dreams, to their inner guidance system, and to the belief that they could have and be and do what they would love.  Most of us were taught to think that our greatest success will come through gaining the approval of others, playing by the rules, doing what is expected, repeating what others have done before us. We have become to some extent disconnected from our inner guidance and traded that in for external approval - what Emerson and Thoreau called "common hour thinking".  In truth, the path of our greatest joy, fulfillment, success, financial abundance, health, and our closest relationships comes from learning to tune into, and then to follow, the voice of our inner guidance. This inner guidance speaks to us through our longings, our discontents, our dreams, our desires. In fact, the word desire (de-sire) means "of the father", not in the paternal sense, of course, but in the greater sense of "from the soul", the indwelling spirit within each of us. What we most desire has in this sense been given to us from the deepest and truest part of ourselves that is connected to the larger whole of which we are a part. What we desire is what is ours to do. It is what we came for. And if we don't do it, in our unique way, no one will. What is your inner guidance calling forth in you?

Live Your Authentic Hero’s Journey…

Life Coaching Services:
Development Plan Creation & Execution
Results-Focused, Vision-Driven Living
Authentic Success & Full Spectrum Wellness
Self-Management Tools & Practices
Developing Greater Mental, Emotional & Behavioral Mastery
Reprogramming Limiting Beliefs and Behavior Patterns
Strategic Process - Vision, Strategy, Massive Action, Support & Accountability
Intuitive Decision-Making
Career & Creative Expression
Health & Well Being
Spiritual Development, Mindfulness and Meditation
Time Management

Public Speaking:
Keynotes, Group Seminars, Classes & Coaching, Motivational Speaking

Programs & Courses:
Life Mastery
Working With The Law
Into Your Genius
Standing Firm
Custom Programs Available
Affiliation/Certification - Life Mastery Institute

Additional Specialty: Spiritual Development & Counseling, Interfaith Ministry

"The path of your greatest joy, success, happiness and fulfillment comes from following your inner guidance."